More Customer Benefits

Enwave Chicago delivers customers value, security and flexibility.


  • Enhances project/building profiles
    • Allows architectural freedom that facilitates unique structures such as The Aqua. Enwave Chicago provides service consistency that helps retain tenants and residents.
  • Flattens electric load curves.
    • Clips peak electric demand and flattens power purchasing profile since buildings no longer have chillers that operate at peak periods.
  • Lowers capital costs.
    • Significantly lowers capital costs since there is no need to purchase chillers, cooling towers and related equipment.
  • Holds LEED-point potential.
    • Has numerous service attributes that may give buildings LEED points.
  • Improves lifetime value.
    • Compares favorably to costs associated with on-site equipment, fuel, electricity, operation and maintenance.
  • Uses less fresh water, which reduces water, pumping and sewer discharge costs.


  • Reduces capital and operating risks
    • Simplifies operation and minimizes investment since there is less equipment to operate and maintain.
  • Improves reliability
    • Provides 24/7 plant staffing every day of the year along with multiple redundancies. All Enwave Chicago plants are interconnected. If one chiller goes down, there are 43 more to take its place.
  • Improves site and building security
    • Reduces the need for vendors to access your mechanical room and eliminates refrigerant deliveries.


  • Makes cooling simple and easy year-round
    • Eliminates the need for building operating engineers to monitor and maintain their own chillers and cooling towers, which allows them to focus on using energy more efficiently and address priority tenant and resident needs.
  • Frees up space that may generate revenue
    • Helps customers reclaim space previously used for chillers, cooling towers, vaults, ancillaries – sometimes creating more leasable space.
  • Frees up rooftop space for use by people not equipment
    • Provides the option to add a green roof, a rooftop garden and deck or even a pool.
  • Increases design options to attract and retain businesses
    • Adds opportunities for exterior visual enhancements and interior space efficiencies (no risers, etc.)

Quiz Yourself

How many gallons of fresh water can a 100,000-sq-ft building save annually by using district cooling instead of chillers?