For Customers

Enwave Chicago offers “more than cool” district cooling service to buildings in the Loop, West Loop, South Loop and River North. Enwave Chicago’s sustainable chilled-water service helps developers, owners and managers add value to their properties, enhance security and reliability, and embrace flexibility that makes cooling simple and easy year-round.

• Enhances project/building profiles
• Flattens buildings' electric load curves
• Lowers a building's capital costs
• Holds LEED-point potential for customer buildings
• Improves lifetime value for Enwave Chicago customers
• Saves fresh water

• Reduces the developer's and owner's capital and operating risks
• Improves air-conditioning reliability
• Improves site and building security

• Makes cooling simple and easy for downtown Chicago buildings year-round
• Frees up building space that may generate revenue
• Frees up a building's rooftop space for use by people not equipment
• Increases architectural building design options to attract and retain businesses

District energy – including district cooling – is a well-accepted low-carbon technology used by buildings in cities around the world. Check out this video by UNEP, ICLEI and IDEA.

Quiz Yourself

How many gallons of fresh water can a 100,000-sq-ft building save annually by using district cooling instead of chillers?