For Chicago

It’s no secret that today's Chicago is about infrastructure and creating a sustainable city for residents and businesses – sustainability not just from an environmental standpoint, but an economic one as well. Enwave Chicago’s “more than cool” commitment to sustainability contributes on both fronts.

By its very nature, Enwave Chicago’s district cooling system

• supports Chicago's growth and economic development,

• enhances downtown Chicago's resiliency,

• saves Chicago water and energy,

• reduces Chicago buildings' electricity demand,

• decreases Chicago's carbon footprint, and

• provides opportunities for Chicago public/private partnerships that may not otherwise be possible.

Off-peak benefits. Enwave Chicago uses most of our electricity to produce ice during off-peak hours when carbon-free wind and nuclear are producing most of the power. And since Enwave Chicago customers no longer use peak-time power for chillers and cooling towers, the combination is a powerful benefit for the Chicago community: a lower carbon footprint and less stress on the electricity grid, helping to reduce the need for new power facilities in the Chicago area. 

Quiz Yourself

How many gallons of fresh water can a 100,000-sq-ft building save annually by using district cooling instead of chillers?