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New Alliance Focuses on Building Sector Efficiency

Citiscope reports that buildings are responsible for one-third all greenhouse-gas emissions and are seen as the easiest way to cut carbon. To capture that opportunity, the Global Alliance on Buildings and Construction – founded in December 2015 – will focus on building and construction efficiency around the world.

The Alliance is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme and has been joined by 20 countries, representing more than 1 billion people: United States, Austria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, Dubai, Ukraine, Armenia and Vietnam.

The Alliance will
– bring together all the relevant global players on a large scale around a common ambition and sustain this momentum to ensure that they work together over time;

– increase the share of green building in international funding to implement new initiatives and increase the visibility of exemplary initiatives; 

– gather around a program of operational activities strategic networks and partners covering the full range of stakeholders in the building production chain;

– promote initiatives and solutions by all the members signatory to the Alliance to make them reproducible and ensure their appropriation; and

– create a network for public authorities in charge of construction, to align regulations and financing towards low-carbon strategies.

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