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Hotels Are Major District Cooling Users in Dubai

Dubai-based Empower (Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corp.) provides district cooling to 110 hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One customer, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel pictured here, is 3.1 million sq ft. Enwave Chicago, the largest downtown cooling system in the United States, also serves hotels.

Per his interview in the article “District cooling service enhances hospitality industry in UAE” on the Zawya web site, H.E. Ahmad Bin Shafar, Empower’s CEO, says “the hospitality sector in the UAE needs to adopt district cooling to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint.” He also states that [district cooling] not only reduces carbon dioxide and emission of hazardous refrigerants, but also reduces energy consumption and helps free up space on rooftops and in basements for enhanced aesthetics and design freedom.”

Empower has multiple cooling plants in Dubai that total more than 1.2 million tons of chilled-water capacity.



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