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District Cooling Growth Continues in Middle East

Nowhere in the world is district cooling growing as fast as in the Middle East, where high-rise buildings are going up at a rapid pace. In the online article "District cooling heats up," Cogeneration and On-site Power Production reported on the industry's growth and profiled some of the major players.

District cooling is a multi-billion dollar industry in the MIddle East and the region's market is expected to grow 16% over the next five years. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, air conditioner use accounts for 70% of Dubai's electricity demand. To meet that need and reduce energy use, Dubai is home to the world's largest district cooling system, which provides 1 million tons of air conditioning to area buildings each year.

One of district cooling's greatest benefits in the Middle East is water savings, as fresh water is in short supply.

Photo: The 54- and 56-story Jumeirah Towers in Dubai use district cooling service. Credit: Jackardsiffant.

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