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It’s not very often you see divers in the Chicago River. But in fall 2015, Enwave Chicago contracted a dive team to brave the chilly temps to help us meet a new environmental standard – EPA Clean Water Act 316(b). Their task was to increase the surface area covering two 36” intakes that draw river water into one of our chiller plants. The cold river water essentially takes the place of cooling towers, absorbing heat from our chillers. The modified surface area will help reduce potential fish impingement and entrapment.

To complete the project, two divers were in the water, with one doing the work and one serving as a spotter. A third diver brought tools back and forth from the surface and ensured their lines were clear. A fourth team member was located just inside our plant where he set up a “mission control” so he could could view the live camera feed of the work being performed, provide the divers with guidance, and activate the underwater torch for welding.

Individual buildings that use river water as a heat rejection medium for their chillers will also need to comply with the new regulation. Enwave Chicago customers don’t have to worry about it!

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