At Enwave

Promotions, Moves Focus on Growth

Enwave Chicago is privileged to announce that President and CEO Dave Bump has been promoted to chief operations officer for Enwave district cooling and heating systems throughout North America. Dave’s new position gives him the opportunity to expand on the great work he did in Chicago and share his experience across the fleet.

Taking Dave’s place is Carlyle Coutinho, who will continue to build on Dave’s success and oversee system growth. Carlyle heads up a newly created Enwave Northeast Region that includes the district energy systems in Chicago, and Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. Carlyle was previously chief financial officer of Enwave Toronto.

Enwave Chicago veteran Bill Dolan, who was director of engineering, now serves as the company’s general manager. Business Development Manager Jim Rylowicz and the rest of the team remain on board serving downtown Chicago customers.

Congratulations, Dave, on your promotion. And welcome, Carlyle, to the Chicago team.

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