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Newly Renovated CBOT Building Renews Service With Enwave Chicago

While the award-winning Chicago Board of Trade BuildingTM holds a special place in the architectural history of downtown Chicago, it’s clearly vital to the city’s future too. GlenStar Properties’ recent $30 million building renovation and subsequent 20-year contract renewal with Enwave Chicago, provider of chilled-water service, confirm its long-term vision.

GlenStar purchased the iconic building in 2012 and immediately embarked on an overhaul of the 1.3 million-sq-ft property. The firm meticulously preserved the historic Jackson Boulevard main lobby and restored and cleaned the entire façade.

“The North Building, which was originally built in 1930, is a magnificent example of Art Deco architecture and design,” said Dennis Lambert, vice president and general manager of GlenStar Asset Management. “Glenstar has added a robust package of modern amenities including a 10,000-sq-ft fitness center; a 5,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art conference center; and a game room that is adjacent to a new rooftop deck with sweeping views.” All of these areas require round-the-clock space conditioning.

“Since we use Enwave Chicago’s chilled water, we don’t have to run on-site chillers to serve these spaces after hours,” says Lambert. “That gives us great flexibility, saving overhead and simplifying operations.”

Lambert notes that the building has multiple electrical feeds and an onsite backup chiller plant, offering unparalleled redundancy and service reliability. The building earned LEED Silver certification in 2016 and has garnered numerous awards, including the local and regional Building Owners and Managers TOBY award in the “Renovated Building” category for 2014-2015 and the Building Owners and Managers Association International’s award in the “Historic” category in 2007-2008.

Congratulations, Chicago Board of Trade Building, on a stellar renovation. It’s an honor to serve such a historic structure. Learn more about the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Photo courtesy GlenStar Properties.

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