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More, Easier Information Access for Customers

Enwave Chicago encourages customers to check out our updated home page – complete with our latest news – and visit their customer portal where they can now download graphs of their energy consumption.

A number of last year’s customer survey respondents indicated that they would like that feature added, so we did! In just a few clicks customers can get information that will help evaluate their building’s energy use and learn more about their chilled-water provider, Enwave Chicago.

If you’re an Enwave Chicago customers and are not sure how to access your building’s customer portal via Enwave Chicago’s home page, email Jim Rylowicz. He will provide your account number and password information so you can view your current Enwave Chicago invoices; review, compare and download graphs of recent chilled-water consumption; and track your annual peak loads. Jim may also be reached at 312.447.1600 ext. 17.

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