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Enwave Touted as Thermal Energy Powerhouse

Enwave Chicago's parent company Enwave Energy Corp. is touted as large and growing in Property Biz Canada's article "Enwave grows into thermal energy powerhouse," April 27, 2017. The article features the sustainable Toronto and Chicago systems.

Enwave Toronto continues to grow along with the city itself. New buildings continue to go up, and the majority are connecting to Enwave Toronto’s district heating and/or cooling systems.

As the article reports, Enwave Chicago’s five cooling plants displace about 200 megawatts of energy during peak electrical periods. President and CEO Carlyle Cutinho emphasizes that the system “is very sustainable and friendly from a carbon perspective.”

Enwave continues to grow and expand its energy reach. It recently brought on Julia St. Martin as director of sustainability engagement. St. Martin will connect future technologies to customers, building on the company’s successful North American district energy operations.

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