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Enwave Houston Service Uninterrupted During Hurricane Harvey

Although Hurricane Harvey dropped in excess of 50 inches of rain in the Houston area in late August 2017, Enwave Houston provided its customers with uninterrupted chilled-water service throughout the storm. Crews at the company’s two plants – Union Station and Allen Center – operated under the company’s emergency preparedness plan. Enwave Houston conducts emergency drills every year, adjusting its plan as needed to ensure reliable operation under adverse conditions.

The Houston system ( currently pumps chilled water through 5.4 miles of pipe to air condition 27 buildings, including Minute Maid Park, home of the 2017 World Series champion Houston Astros. With a record of 100% reliability since its launch in 1999, the 27,000-ton system uses ice storage technology to help keep central business district buildings comfortable in spite of summer’s high temperatures and humidity.

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