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Enwave Expands Canadian Presence

Enwave Chicago’s parent company, Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave), continues to expand its district energy network of companies. In June 2017 Enwave announced acquisition of systems in Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; and Las Vegas. Now Enwave has also acquired Veresen Inc.’s district energy systems in London, Ontario, and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Slated for further expansion over the next several years, the London system serves 60 customers with steam (200,000 lb/hr capacity) and chilled water (4,200 ton capacity), largely for space heating and cooling use. It sells electricity to the grid from its 18 MW combined heat and power system

The Prince Edward Island system serves more than 100 customers with hot water (250,000 lb/hr capacity), mainly for space heating. The system’s fuel sources include biomass, municipal waste to energy, and fuel oil (for backup).

Enwave has offered employment to all existing employees.

“The acquisition of the London and PEI systems expands our network and capabilities,” said John Peri, Enwave president and CEO. “Both district energy systems have very strong track records for delivering sustainable energy solutions. With experienced operating teams and established customer bases, the systems will deliver long-term value for our partners and stakeholders. We see significant growth opportunities to expand the capabilities and capacity in both markets to better serve existing and future customers.”

Photo courtesy Biomass Energy Resource Center.

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