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Enwave Chicago Logs Third Annual Award Win

For the third year in a row, Enwave Chicago was recognized by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) for its customer growth and retention success. In June 2017, Enwave Chicago received the bronze award in IDEA’s District Energy Space competition. The award recognizes Enwave Chicago’s growth and retention of 5.35 million sq ft of customer building space on its chilled-water district energy system in 2016.

Enwave Chicago received the gold award for growing and retaining 4.9 million of customer space in 2015; it received the bronze award for growing and retaining 4.6 million sq ft in 2014. That’s a three-year growth and retention total of 14.85 million sq ft. Enwave Chicago is definitely healthy and growing!

IDEA has held the annual contest since 1990 to recognize the district energy industry's high achievers and tell the story of district energy’s growth. In 2016, reporting North American systems tallied more than 57.8 million sq ft of buildings committed or recommitted to district energy service. Systems beyond North American reported more than 105.3 million sq ft of customers committed or recommitted to district energy service.

Since 1990, IDEA member systems have reported more than 751.7 million sq ft of space in North America alone.

IDEA’s President and CEO Rob Thornton (right) presented Enwave Chicago's District Energy Space Bronze Award to Enwave Chicago’s Jim Rylowicz at IDEA’s annual conference.

Photo courtesy International District Energy Association.

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