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Enwave Chicago Readies for Growth

With more new district cooling customers on the horizon, Enwave Chicago is planning for growth – most recently adding 15% more chilled-water capacity at its State and Adams Plant.

But the 3,000 additional tons of capacity is not coming from a new chiller. It’s the result of a recently completed cooling tower renovation, which significantly increased plant output.

“We performed initial engineering work in house and then collaborated with OBR Cooling Towers to finish the design and make it happen,” says Geoff Bares, Enwave Chicago’s engineering manager. “We replaced many of the existing tower’s mechanical components with better-performing ones. For instance, we installed superior fans and more powerful motors to improve air flow.”

Project planning kicked off in summer 2018 followed by construction startup in November. The updated cooling tower was back in operation and ready to go in early April in plenty of time for this year’s cooling season.

OBR brought the project in on time and on budget in spite of unfavorable weather conditions. At peak, approximately 20 electricians and pipefitters were on the job.

The higher-capacity tower is now in operation, and performing as expected. It can provide plenty of cooling for all four compressors at the plant on peak design days, adding even greater reliability as well as efficiency to the plant operation.

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