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Bringing Space Station Experience to Downtown Chicago

Enwave Chicago is pleased to announce that Geoff Bares, a former thermal systems
analyst for the International Space Station (ISS), is now manager of engineering for
Enwave Chicago.

Geoff joined Enwave Chicago in January 2017 and is handling design,
specification and management of new customer installations; analyzing overall chilledwater
system performance; and troubleshooting system anomalies to ensure high
reliability and efficiency. He works closely with Enwave Chicago veterans Bill Dolan and
Mike Danaher.

Most recently Geoff was with Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI), where he served as
a senior process engineer for projects ranging from liquefied natural gas facilities
to chilled-water thermal storage plants. “Although I enjoyed my work at CBI, my
role here is different,” says Geoff. “It’s much more hands-on. I enjoy meeting with
customers and seeing equipment in action. It’s a change, too, from my ISS work
where everything we did was 200 miles away. You can’t ‘check under the hood’ there
as easily!”

Geoff’s focus is ensuring systems work optimally as a whole. “I like having to
change the ‘magnifications’ of my analyses from micro to macro. It really comes down
to understanding how decisions and designs at one level affect another.”

Geoff received his Bachelor of Science in engineering mechanics and aeronautics
from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Master of Science in engineering
from Purdue University. He’s a member of ASHRAE and the International District
Energy Association and is a founding member of Naperville Hurling Club.

Geoff may be reached at, 312.377.1793.

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