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University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute Growing, Sharing

Whether the topic is gas prices or climate change, energy makes the news on a daily basis. Some news covers promising achievements; other, ongoing challenges. In Chicago, we’re fortunate to have energy policy experts right in our own backyard at The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC).

Although founded just five years ago, EPIC is growing at a rapid rate, sharing the knowledge of experts through frequent open-to-the-public seminars. It also holds private weekly lunches for faculty and researchers.

EPIC’s mission is to conduct frontier interdisciplinary research that discovers solutions to the world’s most complex energy challenges; to impact our future by translating research into real-world results; and to educate the next generation of global leaders to build solutions that work.

EPIC encourages collaboration among university disciplines and engagement with global and industry leaders and local decision-makers. Learn more.

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