Customer Connections

One of the best features of Enwave Chicago's district cooling service is its simplicity.

Easy to use. Enwave Chicago customers don’t need to house or maintain on-site chillers or cooling towers, saving building space as well as valuable fresh water. As a result, building operators can run their cooling system from a computer screen, saving time and money. That’s because Enwave Chicago delivers chilled water that’s ready-to-use, “right to the customer's door.” 

In the building. We connect our chilled-water piping to a heat exchanger inside each building, usually in the mechanical room. Heat exchangers can be up to 90% smaller than on-site chillers. During the air conditioning process, the heat exchanger extracts heat from the building and transfers it to our chilled water. The warmed water is piped back to our plants where it is reused in ice production and then recirculated to customers.

Quality assurance. No water from our system comes in direct contact with any of our customers’ equipment. Yet we maintain our own in-house water chemistry to ensure our water is of the highest quality and ensures efficient equipment operation. 

Quiz Yourself

How many gallons of fresh water can a 100,000-sq-ft building save annually by using district cooling instead of chillers?