Enwave and Brookfield

Enwave Chicago has been a part of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners since August 2014. Brookfield is a proven infrastructure investor that owns and operates Enwave district energy systems in Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Seattle.

Chicago. Enwave Chicago provides sustainable chilled-water service to more than 120 customers in the Loop, West Loop, South Loop and RIver North. The system began operation in 1995 and runs five chilled-water plants, four of which use ice-storage technology.

Toronto. Toronto’s district energy system provides heating and cooling service to more than 150 customers in downtown Toronto. The centralized steam heating system started in the 1970s, while cooling service was added in 2004. The company’s innovative deep lake water cooling system uses cold water from Lake Ontario as its clean, renewable and reliable cooling source.

Windsor. Enwave Windsor provides hot water, chilled water and steam to its customer, District Energy Windsor (DEW), for DEW’s district energy system. The system has nine customers and began serving steam and emergency power to its anchor customer, Caesar’s Windsor Casino, in 1997. Enwave Windsor’s cooling plant uses ice storage technology to help meet the cooling needs of 4,400 tons of contracted cooling capacity.

Houston. The Houston system currently pumps chilled water through 5.4 miles of pipe to air condition 24 buildings, including Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. With a record of 100% reliability since its launch in 1999, the 27,000-ton system uses ice storage technology to help keep central business district buildings comfortable in spite of summer’s high temperatures and humidity.

Las Vegas. The Las Vegas plant provides heating, cooling and emergency power to the Planet Hollywood complex, including the hotel/casino, an attached shopping mall and a hotel/timeshare building. The plant was built in 2000 and subsequently expanded to accommodate the addition of the hotel/timeshare on the property.

New Orleans. Built in 1999, the New Orleans system serves the mission-critical New Orleans Regional Medical Center and nearby commercial buildings. The company’s 26,000-ton chilled-water plant with ice-storage technology provides chilled water for air conditioning to more than 12 million square feet of building space within a 15-square-block area. The company also provides steam to critical and non-critical buildings in the district. 

Seattle. Enwave Seattle's network uses locally sourced urban wood waste to produce steam for its 200 downtown customers. Founded in 1893, the Seattle system converted to biomass in 2006, which will cut the carbon footprint for the system and its customers nearly in half. Customers use steam for space heating, domestic hot water, sterilization, laundry and kitchen operations, and even distillation.

Brookfield. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners operates 216 hydroelectric, wind and thermal energy facilities in the United States, Canada and Brazil with assets totaling nearly $116 billion. Parent company Brookfield Asset Management is co-listed on the New York, Toronto and Euronext stock exchanges under the symbols BAM, BAM.A and BAMA, respectively.

Quiz Yourself

How many gallons of fresh water can a 100,000-sq-ft building save annually by using district cooling instead of chillers?